Experience the Spreewald in kayaks (canoes with a double-sided paddle) with a fine wooden hood and robust plastic body. Our boats are fun to operate, lay stable in the water, and provide a spacious interior.  They are directionally stable and allow for especially good steering.

Here in the Spreewald there are ideal conditions for boating: many small streams, no waves, no motorboats, and no wind. Our boats are ideal for these conditions. The proportions of the kayaks and their weight distribution result in good steering performance. The flat, broad bottoms of our boats glide calm and stable through the water.

The network of trails in the Spreewald allow for a variety of different tours, ranging from an hour's drive. It should be a maximum of 30 kilometers for you to make a day trip.  For families and recreational riders, it makes sense to take a relaxing trip of 15 to 20 kilometers. Of course, restaurant visits are possible by boat. Let us advise you.

The following boats are available at the boat rental Bootshaus Kaupen

  • Single-seat kayaks (with double sided paddle)
  • Two-seater kayaks (with double side paddle)
  • Three-seater canoe (made from plastic with bladed paddle)
  • Four-seater canoe (made from plastic with bladed paddle)

Our Opening times:

Spring-Fall seasons, daily 9:00-18:00/19:00

Pricing from Monday to Friday:

  • 1er Kayak
    5.00 € (1. hour); 15.00 € / day
  • 2er Kayak
    7.00 € (1. hour); 22.00 € / day*
  • 3er Canoe
    8.00 € (1. hour); 27.00 € / day*
  • 4er Canoe
    10.00 € (1. hour); 30.00 € / day*

Pricing for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays:

  • 1er Kayak
    7.00 € (1. hour); 18.00 € / day*
  • 2er Kayak
    8.00 € (1. hour); 25.00 € / day*
  • 3er Canoe
    9.00 € (1. hour); 30.00 € / day*
  • 4er Canoe
    11.00 € (1. hour); 35.00 € / day*

(*the daily price is equivalent to a 5 hour rental, a detailed rate table can be found here)

Further information:

Billing is based on the actual duration of the trip, rounded to the half-hour. Specifying the duration of the trip beforehand is not necessary.

Children, up to 6, ride for free in the two-seater canoe on a separate seat. Lifejackets for children are also provided without additional cost. Even dogs can ride for free. Tip: Bring a blanket or towel to put under your animals.

Additionally, you will, of course, receive a free waterway travel map incl. individual tour advice.  For your valuables, you can borrow a waterproof container from us for 1.00 €.  Discounts are available for group trips and multi-day boat rentals on request. 

Important: For the rental, you need an official photo ID (identification card, passport, or driving license). Only cash is accepted.